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The transmission of pathogens by door handles is proven and can be minimized by the regular use of PedalPull® the hands-free door opener.

Everyday door handles are often hotspots for pathogens like bacteria and viruses, public handles especially. Because of the frequent and inevitable use of most door handles, it can often be expected that pathogens are present. PedalPull® is the solution to open doors with your foot.

PedalPull® is registered for Protection of Industrial Property / Utility Patent.


 The rotating component ensures a smooth and ergonomic motion.


 A soft surface protects your shoes from scratches and hard punctures.


 PedalPull can be used with double adhesive tape, be screwed in wood or countered.


 It’s tested to withstand common usage and expectable loads.

Easy and fast to install

screwed (2-4min) or glued (1min) also for fire protection doors

With PedalPull you can transform every door to a hands-free-version. Just disable the lock-latch and set a spring operated, automatic-door-closer for as littel as 20€. Combined with PedalPull, you can retrofit each door under 75€. In bulk quantities you can even reach significant lower costs. Just contact us.

The PedalPull® barely exceeds the depth of a door handle
and the edges are round.

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white aluminium

jet black

traffic white


Well, it’s made in Germany – but if you want to produce it in your country, get in touch.

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